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Coming very late but hopefully not too late, the result of a collab between the amazing alackofghosts and yours truly, featuring artwork of Morwen and Aerin after the Nirnaeth Arnoediad and a ficlet to go with the scene. 

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I was trying to explain the Silmarillion to someone and I mentioned that in the early years Melkor took physical form as a volcano. and they said “oh my god, is he mount doom?” and ever since I’ve been trying to figure out a way to make that happen

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Ok so Hogwarts has talking portraits but what about talking fanart. Talking Silmarillion fanart. A student doodling Fëanor on one margin and Fingolfin on the other and coming back to see that they're in a swordfight across their transfiguration homework.
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I tried to download a gif making program purely so I could make this happen. Didn’t go so well. This is a public appeal.

…so anyone who’s been following me for more than five seconds knows I can’t art. At all. But I had to try this. (If the result doesn’t play for you above, view it here.)

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What do you think about Sauron/Lúthien ship? What could Morgoth and dragons think about it?
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NOTP, anon, sorry.

(mild ship-bashing beneath the cut)

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But those of the Noldoli whom Aule had most deeply taught laboured in secret unceasingly, and of Aule they had wealth of metals and of stones and marbles, and of the leave of the Valar much store too was granted to them of the radiance of Kulullin and of Telimpe held in hidden bowls. Starlight they had of Varda and strands of the bluest ilwe Manwe gave them; water of the most limpid pools in that creek of Kor, and crystal drops from all the sparkling founts in the courts of Valmar. Dews did they gather in the woods of Orome, and flower-petals of all hues and honeys in Yavanna’s gardens, and they chased the-beams of Laurelin and Silpion amongst the leaves. But when all this wealth of fair and radiant things was gathered, they got of the Solosimpi many shells white and pink, and purest foam, and lastly some few pearls. These pearls were their model, and the lore of Aule and the magic of the Valar were their tools, and all the most lovely things of the substance of the Earth the matters of their craft — and therefrom did the Noldoli with great labour invent and fashion the first gems. Crystals did they make of the waters of the springs shot with the lights of Silpion; amber and chrysoprase and topaz glowed beneath their hands, and garnets and rubies they wrought, making their glassy substance as Aule had taught them but dyeing them with the juices of roses and red flowers, and to each they gave a heart of fire. Emeralds some made of the water of the creek of Kor and glints among the grassy glades of Valinor, and sapphires did they fashion in great profusion, tingeing them with the airs of Manwe; amethysts there were and moonstones, beryls and onyx, agates of blended marbles and many lesser stones, and their hearts were very glad, nor were they content with a few but made them jewels in immeasurable number till all the fair substances were well nigh exhausted and the great piles of those gems might not be concealed but blazed in the light like beds of brilliant flowers. Then took they those pearls that had and some of well nigh all their jewels and made a new gem of a milky pallor shot with gleams like echoes of all other stones, and this they thought very fair, and they were opals; but still some laboured on, and of starlight and the purest water-drops, of the dew of Silpion, and the thinnest air, they made diamonds, and challenged any to make fairer.

Book of Lost Tales, JRR Tolkien


Now, this is from the old, superseded version of events in which the Noldoli/Noldor actually invented gemstones, as opposed to learning to work with them, but I still like it. It seems to be textual evidence for my own rather inchoate feelings about Noldor and the concept of “wealth.”

What is the common element in all of this? Color. Light. Nature’s abundance. They used flowers, and dew, and leaves, and sea-foam, and above all else, light to craft their gems. They used all of those things which were the transient wealth of of the world around them and then fixed them into a lasting form. 

And they made so many of them that there were great heaps of them like flowers in beds, and they were made glad thereby. This is not the action of a culture which is greedy for anything so base as currency; this is a culture which values, above all else, beauty.

Indeed, the passage goes on, later, to say:

Now Kor is lit with this wealth of gems and sparkles most marvellously, and all the kindred of the Eldalie am made rich in their loveliness by the generosity of the Noldoli, and the Gods’ desire of their beauty is sated to the full.

They lit up Kor (Tirion) with the wealth of gems, they did not keep them hoarded and locked away, did not value personal wealth over community enjoyment. All the kindred of the Eldalie were made rich, it is specified, even though only the Noldoli actually made the gems. Even the Gods valued the beauty of the stones. 

And the Gnomes and Solosimpi (Teleri) strewed diamonds and crystals and pearls “in prodigality” into the pools and it was “the fairest of all shores.” Again, beauty, and the liberal use of gems for public enjoyment rather than personal enrichment.

Even in later versions, wherein the elves did not “invent” gems but merely learned to work with them, would their motivations really be so different? This is not a human culture, and we are wrong to impute human motivations therein. Beauty, light, color. Not some concept of personal economic wealth. Nothing so base as that.

Really, as far as I can tell, there is absolutely no indication that the elves used anything like currency or money amongst themselves. The word “tax” only occurs in the entirety of HoME in its sense of “a strain or heavy demand,” not in any economic context.  And the word “money” only occurs in HoME when referring to the ways of Hobbits. (I did a keyword search on a complete .PDF)  The word “wealth” is used in HoME as often to describe “a wealth of flowers” as it is to describe gems or gold, which to me tends to put them on the same footing in Tolkien’s mind.

If the elves of Tirion can be said to have an economy, wouldn’t it be more likely to be based upon the things they are in fact shown to value? Skills, crafts, art itself!  Sing me the new song you wrote, and I will fashion new strings for your lute! Make for me a chair carved with flowering vines, and I will give you a new set of forged carving tools! That kind of exchange, value for value. Barter of art, barter of skill and of craft. Not money.

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Independence Day - Hour 7 - Argon

For Ñoldor Independence Day I will be releasing 12 short pieces, one every two hours, about the people who chose to leave Valinor and why they did it. 

“Never put much stock in it, honestly,” Arakáno told Léraser, wondering if he was trying too hard to keep a casual lilt to his voice.

They’d done exactly what they were doing now – snuck up the Mindon late at night to sit on the edge of the window and run their hands across Ingwe’s peculiar golden decorations – at least once a week for the last few years. But the Darkening had changed even things far more innocent than these late-night meetings. Once they’d been courting trouble. Now sitting on the edge of this tower felt like outright courting death.

“Me either,” Léraser said casually. Imitating Arakáno’s forced calm near-perfectly. It had been obviously fake, then. “Mortals and conspiracies and foreign kingdoms… if you were Melkor, and you wanted to cook up a lie that would inflame the passions of a Ñoldo kingdom top-heavy with princes, isn’t it exactly what you would come up with?” 

“We are not top-heavy with princes,” Arakáno protested. “But yes, that’s exactly what I mean.

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Independence Day - Hour 5 - Lalwen

For Ñoldor Independence Day I will be releasing 12 short pieces, one every two hours, about the people who chose to leave Valinor and why they did it. 

The public admiration felt a little insulting, particularly since no one congratulated Ñolofinwë on doing precisely the same things. (She’d first noticed that particular pattern when she’d been a small child, and it had barely changed in the intervening centuries).

And yet the admiration of the masses was the mortar holding this messy and panicked society together. And if there was one thing they’d all learned from their mother, it was this – play to the crowd.

She dips her head and smiles and says ‘in these times we have to take up duties we never thought we’d bear,” and they retreat, appeased and admiring, and she hurries back to the palace to tell Nolofinwë that orders for redistribution of goods and production of weapons were reasonably well received in the northern quadrant.

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Independence Day - Hour 3 - Angrod

For Ñoldor Independence Day I will be releasing 12 short pieces, one every two hours, about the people who chose to leave Valinor and why they did it. 

The first step to take, upon returning to Tirion, was obviously to send ambassadors to Alqualondë, to ensure their neighbors had survived Melkor’s devastation and to share what little news was known. 

When after three days Nolofinwë still had not given the order, Angaráto and Eldalótë had decided to leave anyway.

There was no reason to expect the trip would be dangerous, but he tracked down everyone to tell them he loved them before he left. They’d parted with Grandfather on bad terms, and now it’d be Ages before there was a chance to set that right. 

The thought made his heart jump uncomfortably. He loosened the collar of his robes and Eldalótë smiled at him as if – as usual – she’d read his mind. 

“Go say your goodbyes,” she said. “Alone. If I step into the vortex of Finwean family politics I’ll be too tired for travel and you’ll have to convince me all over again that the fools are worth aiding.

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Independence Day - Hour 1 - Elenwë

For Ñoldor Independence Day I will be releasing 12 short pieces, one every two hours, about the people who chose to leave Valinor and why they did it. 

They’re living in the palace now.

It has eight times as many people as it had in Finwë’s time, and twice as many as Nolofinwë ever entertained before the Darkening, but it feels empty. 

Elenwë suspects at first that she has it worst of all, because it is all unfamiliar to her. Nolofinwë and his children were practically raised here, and their minds can fill in the empty spaces. She looks up at the pitch-black sky and it is hard to remember that the building has a roof at all, that she’s not staring open-mouthed into the Void itself. 

But maybe it is harder on them to race through the silent hallways of a building they remember from better times. Maybe it’d be even more painful to walk these paths while her mind supplied memories of glowing, dancing stone suffused by light. 

“It’s just an instance of the general question,” she said to Turukáno dully one night. There were people shouting and screaming and crying in the streets, and they’d blocked out the sounds by drawing the shutters and closing the curtains and stuffing the cracks with fabric. It had been a mistake. The silence left when the sounds were shut out was even worse than the screaming. 

Now they were halfheartedly trying to fill it with conversation. 

“What general question?” he asked.

“Would we be better equipped to face the darkness if we’d never seen the light at all?”

“Of course we would,” he said, “and I don’t think that’s the question on everyone’s minds, not really. The question they are all asking themselves is ‘was it worth it?’ and-”

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Ahhh! This is so cool!

An author was writing historical fiction, and decided (in hopes of escaping anachronistic language) to only use the vocabulary that Jane Austen used. They made a custom dictionary of all the words Jane Austen used in all of her books, and used that to spell check, so it flagged modern words and phrases that she would have totally overlooked otherwise.

I’m thinking it would be incredibly easy to do the same thing for fanfiction, especially book-based - compile a dictionary of, say, all the words GRRM used in ASOIAF, and use that as a spell check dictionary so it would flag any words GRRM did not use…

Or a particular TV show character’s dialogue, though that would involve much more manual effort…

edit: apparently, some historical fiction authors use old dictionaries (circa: 1700-1800s) as their custom dictionaries, even when writing about much earlier time periods. This helps them escape writing with modern-sounding anachronisms that throw modern readers out of the story, but also allows them to use language that a modern reader can understand when writing about time periods where characters should be speaking, say, Old English.

friendly reminder that such a thing has been developed for the les mis fandom 

This seems like something that’d be useful for the Tolkien fandom too. It’s not exactly historical fiction, but I know a lot of people who have headaches trying to avoid anachronistic language in fic.

So I went ahead and made it. 

Here are all the words used in the Silmarillion, the Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit, and here’s a download link (.txt).

In addition to helping you spot language Tolkien wouldn’t have used, installing this as your custom dictionary in Microsoft Word/Open Office will mean that the spellchecker recognizes names and places, which is pretty convenient. 

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back on my perpetual favorite topic: noldor what are you doing

there’s the question of how, exactly, they were planning on destroying Morgoth

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I wish you a very happy birthday! :D
Enjoy your festive meowing kitten! <3

I wish you a very happy birthday! :D

Enjoy your festive meowing kitten! <3

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For we heard that there was light

Happy Birthday! This isn’t the novel you want and deserve. I hope all my love and best wishes are acceptable in lieu of 100k+ words of Estolad fic <3

Y.S. 348. The end of winter.

Bereg has cleared a large square on the hearth. His small, dark hands are smudged from the ashes, and from the charred stick he holds between his fingers. He turns his head at the sound of the door scraping on its hinges.

“Nobody’s home.”

“How unfortunate. I suppose I’ll just have to make myself comfortable, then, until the family returns.”

“Go away, Amlach.”

Instead, he crosses the room, peering over Bereg’s shoulder. “What’s that you’re working on?”

“Fuck off.” Bereg shifts position, hiding the stone from Amlach’s view. His left leg, atrophied, remains at a now uncomfortable angle, and he quickly yanks it under his body. “It’s nothing.

“Doesn’t look like nothing. Looks like squiggles.” Amlach settles on his knees,  and begins idly twisting Bereg’s tight, dark curls between his fingers. “You’ve got soot on your elbows”

“They’re letters, numbskull.”

Bereg can hear the raised eyebrow in Amlach’s voice. “Really.”

Really. One of the Fair Ones left a book with father, last they came here, and he never looks at it, but I have, when I was in bed all last summer, and I can make them out well enough. There’s no parchment to be had, certainly not to waste on me, and I’ve no wax to practice with. So I use charcoal – only, if the wood’s too soft to begin with, it crumbles when you try to write with it – but if you choose the right kind, and have a clean space, you can go on as long as you like.”

“I suppose. But, then again, why would you?”

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Happy birthday!
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Thank you anon! I had a very nice birthday - got off work at 5 (!), went out for dinner, ate unreasonable amounts of ice cream, and watched the fireworks and tried to figure out whether there’d have been fireworks in Valinor or in the First Age and, if no, where Gandalf’s inspiration for them would have come from.

(I decided that he discovered the tradition during some of his wanderings in the far East. There’s that line in HoMe: 

In  ancient  days  the  Naugrim  dwelt  in  many  mountains of  Middle-earth,  and  there  they  met mortal  Men (they  say) long ere  the Eldar  knew them;  whence it  comes that  of the  tongues of the   Easterlings   many  show   kinship  with   Dwarf-speech  rather than with the speeches of the Elves.*

and for ages I’ve been wanting to write a fic about this thriving society of Dwarves and Men and now I’ve decided it had fireworks. Because realistically, dwarves would have totally discovered fireworks first, and because I’ve been unreasonably fond of fireworks since I was three, and because it’s fun to transfer the glow of Independence Day onto what my Dad calls ‘that relentlessly depressing book’ and my sister calls ‘that book you won’t shut up about’.)

…aaaaanyway, birthday was awesome. Thank you! 

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I know you know Game of Thrones from the title of your blog. PLEASE WRITE ME A FIC WHERE SILMARILLION AND GAME OF THRONES CHARACTERS MEET (preferably the Kingslayer, his sister the Kinlayer, and the Kinslayer(s) stuck together on a deserted island, but anything goes).
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Anon, this prompt has spiraled out of control and suddenly Cersei is using Elven pawns to cement her control of King’s Landing and Fingolfin’s host has allied with the Starks and Nymeria/Huan is a thing and Feanor is in the Citadel causing all sorts of trouble and I will get you your fic but it may be a while. In the meantime, I think you might like this.

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